Behind every great leader is an even greater mentor. If you’re looking for ways to connect with a great mentor, consider these four options:

1. Books

Books can be powerful when they are packed with information that would otherwise take years, or even a lifetime, to gain. If the author is someone you admire, reading his or her books can impart to you their knowledge, revelations, wisdom, and guidance.

2. Conferences 

Conferences provide mentoring in a corporate setting and are ideal because you receive live instruction from a variety of mentors while interacting with other mentees. Live instruction can enable you to achieve your goals faster and help ease learning curves.

3. Coaches

If you have the resources to pay for mentoring, acquiring a coach would be a great choice. Fortunately, there are coaches for just about everything, so there are various coaching options to suit your specific needs online or in person, individually or as part of a group. My only caution is that you find the right coach. Do your research, and prayerfully consider your options before making a choice.

4. Mentor Covenant

A mentor covenant involves a more traditional way of mentoring. When you develop a mentoring relationship, you come into an agreement with your mentor. Together, you set goals and objectives and establish a timeline. Mentoring covenants are good because the mentor/mentee relationship grows out of commitment and trust.

Choose the option that works best for you and what you’re trying to accomplish, but focus on choosing the right mentors.