Speaking Programs

Frankie Joseph’s speeches are customizable to fit your event needs and agenda. Speeches and workshops can be delivered in the following forms: 1 Hour Lectures, Half Day Seminars, Keynotes, One  or Two Day workshops. We tailor our programs to motivate and inspire people to maximize their potential. Here are our most requested speaker programs:


Speaking Program #1: The Leadership Accelerator

(How to Discover and Unleash Your Unique Leadership) 

Designed to help individuals to truly understand themselves and discover their own signature leadership.

This speech is great for but not limited to…

  • Leadership Development Sessions
  • Young Professional Organizations
  • Sororities and Social Organizations
  • Women’s Ministry Events
  • Women’s Business Events

Key areas of focus…

  • How to Discover Your Unique Leadership
  • Overcoming Hindrances of Leadership
  • Character Building: Six Pillars of Good Character
  • Personal Presence: Eight Elements of a Powerful Presence
  • Decision Making: How to Make Good Decisions In Any Situation
  • A Woman of Significance: Building Your Sphere of Influence

Speaking Program #2: The Career Accelerator

(How to Build Your Personal Brand and Achieve Corporate Success)

This speech is great for but not limited to…

  • Professional Development Sessions
  • Career Readiness Events
  • Career Fair Workshops
  • University and College Lectures
  • Graduate and Alumni Events
  • Women’s Empowerment Events
  • Soft Skills Training

Key areas of focus…

  • Personal Brand Management
  • The Power of Internships
  • Leveraging LinkedIn
  • Networking: Making the Right Connections
  • Mentorships that Matter
  • Interviewing: The Secret to Landing the Job
  • Job Search: The Secret to Standing Out
  • The Innovative Edge

Speaking Program #3: Foundations of Personal Finance

(How to Get Out of Debt and Stay Out)

Geared towards college students, young adult groups and singles. This program can be delivered as a workshop, seminar or lecture.

Key areas of focus…

  • Personal Finance Management
  • Personal Budgeting Worksheet
  • Strategies to Get Out of Debt
  • Top Financial Pitfalls To Avoid
  • Importance of Your Credit History
  • Ways To Minimize and Avoid Debt
  • How to Build a Solid Financial Future

To request Frankie, call (210) 360-1593 or fill out our contact form and someone will contact you shortly.